Sunday, March 30, 2014

New reseller of our great jerky! Visit their page today IsellJerky.JerkyDirect.Com

We are happy to welcome Shane C. to our team, his new store, is now open!  Shop HERE

If you are looking to join a great, successful home business team then you can sign up HERE

Looking to buy samples, two-packs or big bulk cases of snack foods?  You can shop a wide variety of meat and fruit snacks such as:
(Only $12.30 for TWO!)
Chicken JerkyNatural Chicken Jerky - Hot Buffalo Wings Style - Two 3.25oz bags
Natural Chicken Jerky - Original Buffalo Wings Style - Two 3.25oz bags

Pet Treats

All-Natural Turkey Pet Strips - Two 6 oz bags

Fruit Stix

Fruit Stix - Apple-Cinnamon Two 3.65oz bags
Fruit Stix - Berry Blend Two 3.65oz bags
Fruit Stix - Blueberry Two 3.65oz bags
Fruit Stix - Pineapple Two 3.65oz bags

Turkey Jerky

Natural Turkey Jerky - BBQ Two 3.25oz bags
Natural Turkey Jerky - Original Two 3.25oz bags
Natural Turkey Jerky - Teriyaki Two 3.25oz bags
Natural Turkey Nuggets Original Two 3.25 oz Bags

Buffalo Jerky

Natural Buffalo Jerky BuffalOs Original Two 2.7 oz Bags
Natural Buffalo Jerky BuffalOs Peppered Two 2.7 oz Bags
Natural Buffalo Jerky BuffalOs Red Hot Two 2.7 oz Bags
Natural Buffalo Jerky BuffalOs Sweet & Spicy Two 2.7 oz Bags
Natural Buffalo Jerky BuffalOs Teriyaki Two 2.7 oz Bags
Natural Buffalo Jerky Shredded Hickory Smoked Two 2.7 oz. Bags
Natural Buffalo Jerky Slab Style Original Two 2.7 oz Bags
Natural Buffalo Jerky Slab Style Peppered Two 2.7 oz Bags
Natural Buffalo Jerky Slab Style Teriyaki Two 2.7 oz Bags

Beef Jerky

Beef Stix Fajita Two 3.25 oz Bags
Beef Stix Habanero "Hot" Two 3.25 oz Bags
Beef Stix Original Two 3.25 oz Bags
Beef Stix Peppered Two 3.25 oz Bags
Natural Beef Jerky Extra Tender Original Two 3.25 oz Bags
Natural Beef Jerky Slab Style Original Two 3.25 oz Bags
Natural Beef Jerky Slab Style Peppered Two 3.25 oz Bags
Natural Beef Jerky Slab Style Teriyaki Two 3.25 oz Bags
Natural Beef Jerky Tender Hickory Smoked (low carb) Two 3.25 oz Bags
Organic Beef Jerky Slab Style Original Two 3 oz. Bags
Organic Beef Jerky Slab Style Peppered Two 3 oz. Bags
Organic Beef Jerky Slab Style Sweet & Spicy Two 3 oz. Bags
Organic Beef Jerky Slab Style Teriyaki Two 3 oz. Bags
Original Steak Chunks - Two 3.25 oz Bags
Peppered Steak Chunks - Two 3.25 oz Bags
Ripple Style Original Two 3.25 oz Bags
Ripple Style Peppered Two 3.25 oz Bags
Savory Beef Steak Sticks Original Two 3.25 oz Bags
Savory Beef Steak Sticks Peppered Two 3.25 oz Bags

Our beef jerky and fruit snacks are a great choice for hunters, campers, fishermen, survivalists, or any time snacking.  Long shelf life and no refrigeration required.  Buy some for your fallout shelter today!  Prepare for the zombie apocalypse!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

All-natural dog treats: turkey jerky pet chew strips

Looking to buy a better kind of dog treat?  Want them delivered to your home or office or send them to a loved one?  Two 6oz packages $12.00

Click here to learn more or to order now!

Try our generous package of turkey jerky dog treats. 6 ounce package of all natural turkey strips, a wholesome pet treat for your pampered pooch, recommended for dogs 6 lbs and up.  Spoiled pups everywhere rejoice!  These are chewy, munchy and delicious.  Perfect dog birthday present or dog Christmas gift

I carry a wide variety of fruit snacks, beef jerky, and specialty jerky from my website at   All of course MADE IN THE U.S.A.!   

This is perfect shelf stable food for dog who joins you hiking, camping, tornado shelter, zombie apocalypse, fishing trip, preppers or anytime snack foods!

Message me with any questions // and keep in mind, these would be great gifts for a pet lover

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You can get half priced beef jerky by signing up for autoship now!

Want cheaper jerky?  Want to get it so inexpensively that you can resell it?  Or just want enough to stock up on delicious beef jerky and fruit snacks?  Now you can purchase wholesale when you sign up for autoship of two packages of your choice for just $12 per month!

You can select from beef jerky, buffalo jerky, turkey jerky, fruit stix or pet treats

Delicious packs of food from $3 each, delivered to your door

Click here for more information

Prepare for zombie apocalypse with dehydrated foods

The CDC has confirmed that the very best way to prepare for the imminent zombie outbreak is to have on hand a large, shelf-stable supply of food and drinks.  We feel that jerky and dehydrated fruit is the very best dried foods to have in your pantry or survival bunker.  We are running a special on our 60 count case for just $90  .   We have other samplers and bulk packs available!  Stock up now before it is too late!

Zombie experts agree... when the infected undead plague our cities, we will not be able to visit our neighborhood stores.  We recommend a two month supply of shelf stable foods per person, plus access to a minimum of two gallons fresh water per day. Click here to see more deals! 


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Join me in an easy home based business

Join now and start selling! Be your own boss! Bonus free advertising package!
This blog is for assistance in starting your own home business selling delicious jerky treats. What you get: 1. I will email you full details on how and where to join to start your business and assist you as needed. 2. I will post a few online ads to get you started 3. submit your new website to a few search engines! 4. I will place your website on a traffic exchange for at least 100 hits.
Are you looking for a legitimate home-based business that is easy and fun to operate? Look no further... How about if you could start up for just $12.00? How about if that included two packs of delicious treats for you and your family? And this business offered three different income streams and residual money?
I am a single mom, with two children. One of them is special needs. I was thrilled to find out about this company because I wanted a way to make money from home on my terms and when it was convenient to me. I also didnt want to put money upfront for nothing, and I didnt have a large amount of money to put down. I searched online and read many reviews for work at home opportunities. I scoured the WAHM websites. Finally I found Jerky Direct. Read full details about income possibilities and product description at
In Jerky Direct, you will pay a small fee to enroll in the monthly autoship but this includes two bags of treats! It is $12.00 plus $1.97 shipping per month. This monthly fee gets you two good sized bags of beef jerky, turkey jerky, fruit sticks or pet snacks. Your choice. There is no other fee unless you choose to purchase advertising supplies or additional snacks. You are now an independent distributor and your own boss! Every month you will be auto-shipped the snacks of your choice and you can change your selection at any time. You can also cancel at any time.
Once you have enrolled you immediately have your own website that you can refer your friends and family to. Now whenever anyone orders off your website, you get a hefty commission! You will have full access to business card templates and promotional aids. You will be able to buy treats at low wholesale prices, by the bag or by the case! You can easily log in to your account at any time and see your sales information and who has joined your downline.
You earn in three ways: 1. Purchases from your website. 2. People who join your downline. 3. Wholesale purchase and resale
1. Sell Jerky Offline
You have the ability to buy jerky at the wholesale price of $3.42 a bag in cases and resell it at local events, charging what you see fit, for profit. Sell at flea markets, fundraisers, to family or friends.

2. Direct Customers to your Website
You are provided with a totally free website about Jerky Direct when you join. When customers order off your site, the company will dropship product to them and send you a check for 20% commission. Checks are issued monthly and there is a $10 minimum before payment is issued.

3. Sign Up Distributors
If you help others join Jerky Direct, and they join under you, you receive monthly compensation based on the product that they order and that they sell.

  • Get a monthly commission from their autoship order

  • Get a 5% bonus on all wholesale orders they place

  • Get a 5% bonus on all orders made on THEIR website

    The product. I am not a health nut but I do read labels. I like the fact that these treats are minimally processed and no dangerous chemicals. I like my kids to get lean proteins and healthy dried fruits. The products stay fresh for months as long as the packages are not opened. Great to have around in case of emergency or for camping, hiking, or hunting trips.
    Please ask any questions. Income cannot be guaranteed and is based on your efforts to promote your new business. See full program details at
    I will email you as soon as possible  to help you with your setup. Once you have joined the program, I will need your website name to start your advertising package. Advertising results will also be emailed to you.
    Thanks for reading my ad!  Join me now!

    Why become a jerky reseller? multiple income streams! and residual income

    Ready to start your own business?  You can get started with just $12, and that includes two big snack packs of your choice and your own website!  Learn more right now by clicking HERE

    Jerky Direct is a producer of all-natural and/or organic meat snacks, supplements, skin care, personal care, and home care items. Dedicated to providing customers with the finest quality products at an exceptional value, Jerky Direct is known as a premier producer and supplier in the health foods industry.
    Recently, Jerky Direct expanded its business by adding new lines of products, offering more to consumers than just meat snacks. The result of this is a company name switch to JD Premium Products. Jerky Direct continues to expand its growth by offering a nationwide opportunity to become a distributor of their low cost, healthy products.
    Distributors for Jerky Direct earn income in three ways. The first way is by seven level payout. This means that all auto-shipments and enhanced products have commissions which are paid out in seven levels. Second, all distributors receive five percent commission from all wholesale sales generated by their first level past the .00 monthly commitment. The third way to earn is through 20% commission paid from all sales generated by the distributor’s web site storefront.
    With Jerky Direct, each distributor pays as low as .00 monthly as a commitment fee that covers the cost of up to a half pound of meat snacks. All Jerky Direct product distributors are given their own website including hosting and marketing tools to help boost the sales at their storefront. Distributors are also allowed to buy Jerky Direct products with a wholesale discount.
    After distributors sell the products they are rewarded with commission payments. Commissions are paid on the first day of each month for earnings made in the previous month. Jerky Direct does not require distributors to reach a certain amount of money before issuing payments. Whatever you make will be paid out whether it was a large sum or small one. Distributors will be eligible for payments as long as their Jerky Direct storefront stays active.
    When joining Jerky Direct find yourself a good sponsor. A sponsor who is enthused about representing and promoting the company. I can vouch for the fact this is a legitimate company, but you want someone you join under you can connect with. Someone who will become a good sponsor, mentor and friend to you over the years. This will be your success shield. Make sure they have grasped the basic concepts of marketing, but to be truthful, the more they are familiar with advanced Internet Marketing Concepts the better chances you have of becoming successful in the future, assuming they train you.
    Jerky Direct products include jerky that is handmade from top round beef in their USDA certified smokehouse. Seasoned with a special mix of spices, the beef jerky is smoked slowly with hickory and sold in single bags, cases, signature series and gift packs. Jerky Direct supplements and skin care include products such as Radiant Cleanse and Emerald Buffing Creme. Personal care items range from their Burst of Radiance Green Tea Bar Soap to Intensive Therapy Hand and Body Lotion. The Jerky Direct home care line consists of their Engage All Purpose Cleaner, Engage All Organic Stain Pen, and Engage All Organic Laundry Concentrate.

    Click HERE to get started! Join jerky direct

    Company features:
    Team features:








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